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The Wow! The Babylonians identified Sagittarius as the god Nergal , a strange centaur-like creature firing an arrow from a bow. The name may thus be translated as the 'Forefather' or 'Chief Ancestor'. In Greek mythology , Sagittarius is usually identified as a centaur : half human, half horse. However, perhaps due to the Greeks' adoption of the Sumerian constellation, some confusion surrounds the identity of the archer. As there are two centaurs in the sky, some identify Chiron with the other constellation, known as Centaurus.

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A competing mythological tradition, as espoused by Eratosthenes , identified the Archer not as a centaur but as the satyr Crotus , son of Pan , who Greeks credited with the invention of archery. The arrow of this constellation points towards the star Antares , the "heart of the scorpion", and Sagittarius stands poised to attack should Scorpius ever attack the nearby Hercules , or to avenge Scorpius's slaying of Orion. As of [update] , the Sun appears in the constellation Sagittarius from 18 December to 18 January.

In tropical astrology , the Sun is considered to be in the sign Sagittarius from 22 November to 21 December, and in sidereal astrology , from 16 December to 14 January. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It has been suggested that Terebellum astronomy be merged into this article. Discuss Proposed since July Zodiac constellation in the southern celestial hemisphere. This article is about the astronomical constellation. For the astrological sign, see Sagittarius astrology. List of stars in Sagittarius. Main article: Sagittarius astrology.


Star Tales. Lutterworth Press. Kaler, Prof. The Henry Holt Guide to Astronomy. Retrieved 8 August Retrieved 24 March Buffalo, New York: Firefly Books. Retrieved 9 November National Radio Astronomy Observatory. Retrieved 30 August Retrieved 15 January What does it want to say? How do I live my sexuality, my fears, the mysteries of my unconscious life if I have Lilith in the sagittarius sign?

I am a man and I have the Black Moon in the zodiac sign of sagittarius. What does everything this mean? What does it mean to have Lilith in sagittarius if I'm a man or a woman?

The Sagittarius Woman

If you are not sure to have then Lilith in sagittarius I recommend you to go on this page or under this article to make a correct calculation inserting only your date of birth. Shortly time you will discover the position of Lilith in the 12 signs of the zodiac. If your Black Moon falls here then in the sagittarius sign under you can read the correct interpretation and subsequently you can also read the meaning of Lilith in the 12 astrological houses.

The meaning of Lilith is connected to ours , to our fears, the way we live our sexuality. Lilith in sagittarius : this person has a defect and that it intends to be understood by others, and when people criticize or speak ill of her time here is coming off a no-confidence in one's being that can take it to be unsociable, little conformist.

But with that Lilith the potential to develop a very full life and full of satisfaction is very high. The main areas in which the lesson of karma must develop are religion and work-related overseas, to the knowledge of the new peoples of different traditions. Often with this astral configuration we can have a person who thinks like other people and accept the dogmas of a religion that does not really feel to be the one to which his soul must reach out to evolve positively.

Probably in a previous life these people were part of a religious environment where they underwent many betrayals.

Sagittarius Traits

If during this life do many trips may be able to understand, to feel that they were already in the places you visit because the reference to the previous life and the places where he lived can be very strong. Here is that even in business and professional field you have to look for a way out of their natural habitat, you have to travel far from their city because in this way you can know so many environments that help develop the strong imagination that your soul has.

And sex? What is the experience sex with this Lilith? The energies can be very high even in sexual activity, but for you the sexual act becomes a religious act of which have much fear. Your favorite erogenous zones are your thighs, your calves and your hair. Lilith in house I : this astral configuration indicates a person who develops a very high sense of self-criticism and does not like her body, her image of herself.